Get Involved

enter Cleaners wanted! A big thank you to all who help with church cleaning, but we do need more volunteers. If you could do a little light dusting and or polishing you would be very welcome. Typically, this takes about 1 – 1 1/2 hours This could either be on a monthly basis or whenever you are able. Please contact Mary Beattie on 01273 471784, or Diana.

enter site HELP NEEDED: COFFEE ROTA Please contact Diana Rogers if you can help, whether occasionally or regularly. This service is a valuable way to bring newcomers into the congregation, and to make friends. ALTAR FLOWERS binäre optionen beste handelzeiten The rota is in the porch. Please sign or phone Diana (474964) if you would like to help arrange flowers, or contribute to the fund.

follow SIDES PEOPLE' If you would like to help with general meeting and greeting and distribution of books, collection etc please get in touch with either of the church wardens.